Why Is My Room Cold?

Winter in the Fox Valley region always makes us appreciate how much we depend on our heating. We also rely on even temperatures in our rooms. We find this out fast if we start to notice a room is too cold or that temperatures are beginning to vary in our spaces.

These are often signs our heating system has a temperature imbalance, which can affect comfort in winter, especially in areas such as Naperville, Oswego, Aurora, Plainfield and Yorkville. Let’s look at a few common causes of imbalances that create colder rooms.


Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter will restrict airflow and affect the balance of heated air. The filter should be checked regularly and replaced periodically (typically every three months).


When you set the thermostat, the furnace will run until the room in which the thermostat is located reaches the specified temperature. Unless the heating is zoned, the system will not know if a farther room has reached the set temperature. To help avoid uneven heating, be sure the thermostat is away from factors that can influence false readings, such as vents, windows, doors and fireplaces.

Furnace Size

If your furnace is the incorrect size for your Fox Valley home, it can lead to poor or uneven heating. A unit that’s too small will not ventilate all of your living area. A furnace that is too big will short cycle (turn on and off frequently), throwing off the balance of your heated air.


Correctly installed and sealed ductwork should deliver evenly warm air to your rooms. Ductwork that has cracks, gaps or holes will lead to excessive or imbalanced heating.

Another factor can be the sizes of the branches in your ductwork. Because the furnace pushes air through the ducts at the same rate, branch sizes accommodate different rooms; bigger rooms will have bigger ducts. If the size of a duct for a room is incorrect, heating will be compromised.


Blocked vents will prevent heated air from entering a room and create inconsistencies. Be sure to leave air vents and registers open. Also remain alert to anything that could be blocking vents, such as rugs, clothes, furniture, drapes or excess dirt and dust.


Poor or degrading insulation will contribute to uneven heating. This can be particularly common in older homes.


Rooms with more or bigger windows can release more heat, especially if they aren’t properly sealed.

Answers When You Need Them

Here at Beery Heating and Cooling, we’re fully invested in serving and supporting our customers in the Fox Valley region, including Naperville, Oswego, Aurora, Plainfield and Yorkville. If you’re noticing colder rooms or uneven heating in your home, we’re here to answer your questions and help you get to the source of the issue.

In addition to being your local HVAC consultants, we offer innovative equipment and systems to ensure proper heating while also saving money and energy. One example is the Zoned Comfort Solution® by Mitsubishi Electric. Ductless, mini-split and single-zone systems are just a few ways the program helps customize the comfort of your rooms.

If you’d like to further discuss why a room is cold or how you can fix a cold room, call us anytime at (630) 585-6444. We’ll be ready to assist you.