Residential Electrical Service

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It’s easy to think of how much we depend on electricity for our homes, especially these days. From our lights to our refrigerator to our computers and HVAC, we need it for just about everything we use.

To receive and deliver that power, a home includes a complex system of wires and connections. When that system needs repairs, installations or alterations, it requires the skill of properly trained professionals who can do the work safely and efficiently.

Beery Heating and Cooling provides the licensed and insured residential electrical support that keeps your home well served by the power it demands.

Our services include the many different areas involving your home’s electrical supply.

Warning signs. Flickering lights, tripping breakers, mild shocks from touching appliances, light switches or outlets that don’t always work: All are indicators of a possible electrical problem that should be addressed before becoming a hazard.

Electrical repairs. Big or small repair doesn’t matter: We treat each as important to you. Let us know if you notice anything unusual with items such as outlets, switches, circuit breakers, lighting or smoke detectors. We can also inspect and update them during a remodel, which is a great time to ensure your components are in good working order.

Emergency repairs. Sometimes an electrical problem operates on its own schedule outside of normal business hours. We’re available for 24-hour support because your safety and peace of mind are important to us.

Panel replacements and upgrades. The heart of the power to your home, your service panel receives electricity from your supplier and routes it to wherever it’s needed. We can assess and customize your panel such as for remodeling, appliances, electronics or gaming. We can also add dedicated circuitry for all your home computers.

Lighting. Lighting does more than provide visibility – it also shapes the look and feel of each room. Whether it involves energy-efficient bulbs, new fixtures or another component or system, we can help you choose and install the ideal lighting for the style and mood you desire both indoors and outdoors. We can also support you with wiring and repairs.

Ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help cool your spaces more efficiently. With a wide range of styles, they also enhance your décor. Beery installs and replaces ceiling fans so they look and function as they should according to proper code.

Surge protection. In this age of high-priced electronics, having surge protection helps protect your investments throughout your home. This becomes even more important with the increase in home-based offices and businesses. With Beery, you can ensure power surges do not leave you with costly results.

Whole-house generators. Anyone who’s experienced a full power-outage knows what a bind it can be. Should your electrical service fail, a whole-house generator provides swift, uninterrupted power to keep your devices and appliances running the same. You might not even notice that your power went out!

Code compliance. If you’re selling, remodeling or adding to your home, it’s vital that your electrical wiring meet or exceed all local codes for safety. From correcting items found during a home inspection to designing the wiring for a new space, Beery ensures compliant and thorough professional work.

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The licensed and insured electricians at Beery Heating and Cooling believe in being an informed consumer. To further discuss electrical service for your home, give us a call today at (630) 585-6444.

The Beery team includes a master electrician.