Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units: Keeping Yours Running with the Right Care and Repair

Business owners and managers that have a gas or electric rooftop HVAC system in Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield or Lisle are familiar with the advantages.

Commercial HVAC frequently requires many square feet a business might need for operations or areas such as parking and landscaping. A commercial rooftop unit frees that space. Because it is modular, it also can be expanded, redesigned and redistributed with more flexibility. It can be less expensive to install than a system within the building as well.

hvac rooftop units

Of similar importance, a rooftop unit often allows easier access for professional maintenance. A regularly scheduled inspection and tune-up is important because losing heat in winter or cooling in summer can make a business uncomfortable for both customers and personnel.

A thorough HVAC rooftop-unit inspection will address vital system factors such as:

  • belt tension for correct airflow
  • clean air filter
  • heat exchanger
  • operation of blower assembly
  • safety controls and wiring
  • combustion, burner assembly and ignition
  • condensate line and drain pan
  • compressor
  • coil
  • refrigerant level

Basic maintenance can go a long way in achieving better air quality as well as controlling HVAC expenses.

Rooftop Furnace and AC Repair

An HVAC rooftop unit is made to serve a business with reliable heating and cooling for many years. At the same time, standard wear from age and exposure to elements such as sun, snow, wind and rain can all begin to affect the system’s function.

Just a few problems with a commercial rooftop unit might include:

  • faulty control board
  • refrigerant leak
  • gas leak
  • frozen coils
  • dirty coils
  • clogged drain line
  • failing venting motor
  • worn or loose fan belts
  • worn contactors
  • blocked or leaky ducts

If maintenance reveals an issue with your rooftop unit, or if you’re aware of a glitch, prompt commercial HVAC system repair should be a priority. Industries that depend on temperature control, such as food and health professions, may need to shut down if they lose proper ventilation. Other types of businesses can likewise run into challenges until the problem is fixed, whether it’s warehouse space or an office environment.

Because a business relies so much on its HVAC, rooftop-system repair should be performed by certified specialists who are experienced with commercial systems, including how to work on them in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The technicians also should be current with local codes for rooftop units. Inquire about these qualifying points when contacting a resource for repair.  

Your resource further should have the diagnostic equipment and replacement parts for a timely, accurate resolution of the rooftop-unit repair that you need.

Here for Answers and Service

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