Commercial Air Conditioning and Repair Service

Air thickening, skin dampening, clothes sticking, fatigue setting in: Those of us who have ever been in an office or building without AC when it’s steaming outside know how rough it can get. We find out fast just how much we depend on central air for comfort, productivity and even physical safety and health.

If you work in Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield or Lisle, you’re familiar with what the Illinois summer feels like. Some days reach well into the 90s with high dew points and humidity. These conditions can make your central air work overtime, especially if it’s during an extended heat wave. Having access to swift, skilled and reliable commercial air conditioning and repair service becomes vital.

Many commercial air conditioning systems are large, and their components are often installed away from central areas (such as on rooftops) so not to disrupt them. This remoteness can make it harder to notice a problem. What’s important is knowing what to watch and listen for so your office or building doesn’t get stuck without AC for even a day.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning: Signs You Need Repair Service

Some circumstances will reveal a system malfunction regardless of where components are located. For example, maybe the AC in your office or building won’t turn on, or warm air blows through the vents regardless of the temperature setting.

Other indicators may be more subtle. Be mindful of symptoms such as:

  • extra noises or vibrations during start-up
  • odd smells coming from the vents
  • water pooling around the condensing unit
  • fan running but compressor not working
  • unit humming but fan not operating

If you become aware of signs such as these, be sure to contact an HVAC professional right away, as you don’t want developing problems to worsen. A malfunctioning commercial system can lead to increasing discomfort, inconvenience and utility costs.

In addition, because of a commercial system’s size, power and intricacy, it should be inspected by a trained technician for a precise and safe assessment. An HVAC professional can diagnose and correct issues such as faulty wiring, a worn fan belt, refrigerant leaks and a defective compressor or fan motor.

Having your commercial air conditioning service and repair performed by an HVAC professional will also help you keep any active warranties valid.

Commercial Air Conditioning: The Importance of Maintenance

One of the best things you can do to limit the frequency of commercial air conditioning service and repair is schedule regular maintenance. Even just an annual inspection can further ensure that all key components are fine-tuned and properly working. Anything that is starting to malfunction can be corrected early, before it becomes more costly and problematic.

Between maintenance visits, you too can contribute to greater system performance by remembering to change the air filter regularly.

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We are available for skilled, attentive service throughout the area, which also includes Yorkville, Batavia, Plano, Lombard, Bolingbrook and Montgomery.

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