Is AC Maintenance Necessary?

We hold our air conditioning dear when the summer heat and humidity settle in on Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield and Lisle. We’ve all experienced it: The air outside feels like a hot, wet blanket and then we step inside our home to a refreshing splash of cool, conditioned air.

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We’ve also all likely experienced how our homes can feel if the AC isn’t turned on or at the right setting during those days – or especially if it’s malfunctioning.

Things are good when our AC is running correctly. Our cooling system is a reliable guard of our comfort and safety, always standing by to act when it gets the signal to go.

The same situation begs a question that can often go unanswered: Is AC maintenance necessary? Do we really need to think about a tune-up for our cooling system each year when it seems to be working just fine?

Is AC Maintenance Necessary: What’s Involved

Most of today’s AC systems are made to operate for 10 to 15 years. The key phrase in that statement is “made to.”

Our AC typically runs for hundreds of hours annually in keeping us comfortable. Over several years, that much operation can lead to attrition of the unit. If we continue letting it absorb that kind of wear, it will communicate with us through signs of slowing or failure.

Just as an annual physical can help a doctor detect any problems while they’re still small, so can AC maintenance help ensure the optimal health of your cooling system by verifying what’s functioning fine and what isn’t.

Annual AC maintenance includes a full system inspection with important steps such as:

  • check all system components
  • look for wear on belts and moving parts
  • clean the coils and condensate drain line
  • check refrigerant levels and look for leaks
  • examine the blower belt and motor
  • check the air filter
  • tighten any loose wires or connections
  • lubricate moving parts
  • clean vents and replace filters (if needed)
  • calibrate the thermostat

Is AC Maintenance Necessary: Energy Bills and Efficiency

A cooling system that is worn and strained will draw more energy to operate. Beyond problems created by an aging unit or one that hasn’t been maintained, additional stress can result from obstructions such as clogged or dirty air vents. Parts that aren’t properly lubricated can force your AC to labor as well.

AC maintenance addresses the many items that can reduce efficiency and lead to spiking energy bills. In some cases, annual maintenance can lower utility costs by up to 40%.

Is AC Maintenance Necessary: Longer System Life

As we mentioned, a standard current AC system can last from 10 to 15 years. Whether your unit achieves that potential depends greatly on whether it has been maintained at regular intervals.

Some studies have suggested that AC maintenance might even double a system’s life expectancy. By comparison, a system that is not maintained might need replacement in 10 years or less. A replacement is notably more expensive than the cost of annual maintenance.

Is AC Maintenance Necessary: Better Air Quality

This might come as a surprise: The Environmental Protection Agency points out that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. The reason is that dirty filters, vents and coils in a poorly maintained AC system introduce large amounts of dirt, dust and other pollutants. Those impurities can also encourage mold and mildew growth.

A well-maintained air conditioner with regularly changed filters contributes to greater air quality. This can come as a particular relief to those who might suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions.

Is AC Maintenance Necessary: System Warranty

Sometimes even a newer air conditioner can run into a problem that requires a repair or replacement. If your unit is still within its manufacturer-warranty period, the manufacturer may cover the cost.

While warranties often differ among manufacturers, most require regular system maintenance to keep the warranty valid. If the manufacturer determines there was system neglect from improper maintenance, it can deny payment for the repair or replacement.

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